Public Map integration into web sites

All Router Groups in Doppler have a unique link (URL) which is used to show devices in a map. Anoyone with this link can view the map and location of Routers.

This link can be integrated into custom web sites to display a map with routers. As an example please see this link:

The link take the following parameters: (Listed after the ?-mark in the URL)

Select Device

Select one device in a Group: NOTE: Device must be member of the Group:

rid=<number> - shows only one device of a Group. Number is the device's index.

You may find the router's index by selecting the router and from the link see the index number. Ie:

Mapping area:

As default the map will be centered in the users current position if he hasn't blocked location services. To override this a parameter no_location=1

To set a fixed position use lat=xxx&lon=yyy. To make Skien i Norway the centre of the map use:

Skien is located at 59.2096N / 9.6090E - see also

Combining parameters

To separate parameters use &. The following link tries to centre the map in 59.2096/9.6090 but in addition it only displays one Router=1557. In this case the position of 1557 will be used as map centre.


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