RTask - Remote Task - Automated updates of routers

With RTask one or many devices can be updated automatically. An RTask can program the device's parameters or update firmware. When the user starts a firmware update of a device a new RTask is created to handle this process in a safe way.

1) When selcting RTask from the top menu a list of tasks are shown. The list is capped on 20000 rows. To find all tasks on a special device you can search for this.

By clicking Task you can see what was executed and Router takes you to the router details page.


2) Bulk updates with "Bulk CSV" is a very effctive way of updating many devices with a set of parameters. These parameters can be specific to each device and is matched based on the device's serial number.

(A list of serial numbers can be downloaded from Doppler with "Download Unit Info" after selecting a group of routers.)

 After you "click Bulk CSV" you can upload a file (semicolon separated list) with commands for new or existing routers. If the serial nubmer is not found in Doppler you will be asked if you would like to add these routers as new routers and to which group tp add them.

The file could look like this:


After you click "Upload and Review" you will get a summary of the task and then you run the commands on the devices.

Please note that if you want to save any changes you must have a "save command" as the last command.

Please note that commands will be executed one by one and hence you must avoid commands which cuts the communication link before you have entered all commands.


If the device is not online when the task is palced in que it will receive the commands when it gets online.

Using RTask and Bulk CSV it's fast and easy to program 1000s of decives with individual configurations.

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