Application Server Requirements

Doppler -onPrem© is offered as VMware image for On Premises installation. You need to have a VMWare environment available before you download the OVF image.

Nettec will assist during installation.

Doppler -onPrem consist of one VMWare OVF image for the Application Server. The customer must based on our instructions set up a Storage Server since Doppler use external storage.

Recommended the minimum specifications:

VMware ESXi


            Minimum 4 cores allocated to VM.


            Minimum 16 GB, 24GB recommended


System Installation: 20GB

Data Volume: Recommended minimum 500GB of fast storage, preferably SSD drives.

Storage required for logged data is about 5GB per 1000 devices per month using 60s interval. Can be modified using different data retention policies.


Doppler onPrem's database is located on a separate data volume mounted on the virtual machine. This database contains all the state of the system and is written to continuously.

Our recommended way of taking database backups is to take a "SAN snapshot", and then perform a backup of the resulting block device or file system. (Note that this differs from VMware snapshots).

Access, open ports:

            TCP/443 (HTTPS/TLS for admin interface - optional client certificate auth)

Required services in the LAN or on internet:

            NTP, SMTP (Optional) and Syslog (Optional)

Remote installation:

Nettec will need a technical contact for network and VMware.

Nettec will send ova/ovf file containing the virtual server. This will be installed by the customer.



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