Dashboard - Router Overview

On the Dashboard you see a list of all routers in the system. On the first page you see 50 routers and to see more you need to scroll down and press "Show All". However in normal operation you will use the search field to narrow down your selection and in many cases this will be fewer than 50 routers.


  1. Menu options
  2. Red / Green buttons showing online and off line routers. Click the button to filter selection.
  3. The column headings can be clicked for sorting ascending and descending.
  4. Important details are easy to see.
  5. Search database - search starts on <enter>
  6. Select box for individual routers. "Select all" is top of list. The selection will be on the filtered selection.
  7. Find Router: Filters selection based on the string. For a list of filters see Search Field
  8. Symbols:
    1. Up / Down - (check mark)
    2. Default gateway is wired or wireless (2 computers / wireless router)
    3. VPN is up / down (grey/red link symbol)
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