Users and access levels

When selecting Users from the top menu you will get a list of existing users and the option to add new users.create_user.PNG

  1. The selected group decides the top group in an hierarchy for wich the users has its rights.
  2. Permissions can be:
    • Reader - View routers, see reports and download CSV-files with data usage and unit info. In addition the user can send a Trouble Ticket for a device.
    • Agent - Same permissions as Reader with the addition of setting Alerts, create Groups, edit router details, set data limits/warnings, Enroll/Add Routers, Connect button, and Share button.
    • Admin - Same permissions as Agent with the addition of setting up new users
    • Super - Same permissions as Admin with the addition of RTask, User Scripts on router, Send SMS, and Terminal Access to router.
      NB: Requires 2FA enabled to get full access - see Doppler login and Two Factor Authentication (2 step verification)
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