Version 21.03

Changes in 21.03:

  • Users with the ‘super’ permission can now delete routers.
  • Users with the ‘super’ permission can now access the Change Log.

  • Users with the ‘agent’ permission can now run predefined scripts on routers.

  • A problem was fixed where router information could be viewed outside a users group if the router was moved from a group the user has access to.

  • The ACL system has been improved.

  • HTTP performance has been improved for routers downloading firmware from Doppler.
  • Problems with the “Schedule” feature during RTask creation has been fixed.

  • A “Group Lock” feature has been added, preventing a group hirarchy from being modified when enabled.
  • External temperature sensors are now supported, with warning limits.

  • A searchable list of ongoing and historical “Warnings” have been introduced.

  • The RTask feature has undergone several UI updates, including a new search.

  • A config template mechanism has been pre-released, allowing groups to define configuration rules.

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